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DidiFeb 24, 2014
Didi Amanda Ruchira, a homeopathic health care professional, author of "Great Health Naturally," is a medical missionary living and practicing in Kenya, part of the subcontinent of Africa. In an exchange of emails earlier this month, she discusses a simple low cost 6 part protocol that she says stabilizes and improves the quality of life for persons living with hiv - without the need or ability to add the use expensive anti-retro viral drugs. An exchange of emails between us is part of this weeks Message on News and Current Events


Update Jan 15, 2014. The latest issue of the Journal of Immunity was published and hard copies were mailed out on Dec 30th 2013. The journal's current topic is a Buyer's Guide for food-based Dietary Supplements. (This link takes you directly to the latest issue.) For the first time I discuss the list of dietary supplements I take and their benefits. When at the site, click on a link under Categories in the right column for the latest issue of the Journal of Immunity Vol 11 N4 and some of the past issues. Click here to access all past health journals spanning 20 years from 1994 to 2014.


Dec 12th 2013 update: The Huffington Post reported in June 2012 that U.S. Magistrate Judge Theodore Katz of New York ordered the FDA to reconsider petitions to stop the use of antibiotics in animal feed. The FDA told Judge Katz that it sought voluntary compliance from the makers of farm feed to curb the use of antibiotics. Katz rejected that position as a substitute for evaluating the petition in stating: The agency must evaluate the safety risks of the petitioned drugs... The case is Natural Resources Defense Council et al., v. FDA in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, No 11-3562. On Dec 12th. 2013, CBS News reported that the FDA annnounced a ruling to end the use of antibiotics in animal feed for the purpose of weight gain in farm animals, and to require a prescription from a veterinarian for the use of antibiotics for treating infections in farm animals. News reports are that the phase out of antibiotics in farm feed will take 3 years, so don't expect antibiotic free meat at your local Supermarket until Jan of 2017. [The slow pace of this phaseout shows the cozy relationship the drug companies, who manufacture these antibiotics, have with the FDA. ]

FDA's failure to ban the use of antibiotics in farm feed (done to increase the weight of the animals) should have been done decades ago. With millions of Americans unknowingly consuming antibiotics in their hamburgers, pork sausage and other meats, Superbugs have developed that are now killing about 2000 people a month. Yesterday, the New York Times reported that - This is the agencys first serious attempt in decades to curb what experts have long regarded as the systematic overuse of antibiotics in healthy farm animals, with the drugs typically added directly into their feed and water. The waning effectiveness of antibiotics (wonder drugs of the 20th century) has become a looming threat to public health. At least two million Americans fall sick every year and about 23,000 die from antibiotic-resistant infections. Read the full Times article here

Rep. James Sensenbrenner (my Congressman) comments on the National Security Agency (NSA) spying program to gather metadata - End it - Don't mend it. Rep. Sensenbrenner was the author of the original Patriot Act under Pres George Bush and has recently written several opinion pieces criticizing the agency for exceeding its authority under the law and violating the 4th amendment rights of Americans.

September 30, 2013. The latest issue of the Journal of Immunity was published online today. It is a buyer's guide for the organic consumer. Topics: What does it mean to be Certified Organic and Verified Non-GMO? How Organic Certification is obtained. Why grassfed beef is healthier than corn-fed, why organic free range chickens taste better than those from confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs); Warnings on the handling of a growth promoter, Zilmax, used to add weight to cows, pigs and turkeys at feedlots. Tyson drops Zilmax while Merck pulls it from the market allegedly out of concern for the health of cows on their way to the slaughterhouse. What is being covered up - cardiovascular disease and other adverse effects on humans? The Pulse test for measuring food sensitivity; The Sinus reaction test for food sensitivity. A list of good food choices for the health conscious consumer; The Deep Sleep Smoothie and how to make it; Dental health - my personal story of how an abscessed tooth was making me ill and preventing me from getting adequate sleep.

Sept 18th - the FDA wants to imprison free range chickens. Help save small organic farmers and their chickens from badly designed FDA regulations



Utube video on the dangers of Smart Meters installed on Electric Meters in Wisconsin and their health hazards Utube Report on Smart Phones Blog Report on Smart Phones

Nov 15 update by Conrad LeBeau- I posted comments on proposed FDA regulations to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Nov 15th was the deadline for posting comments on FDA's proposed regulations. In the opinion of many critics including the Farm and Freedom Alliance that represent small farmers and organic growers, this law and the proposed FDA regulations, would financially break small farmers and drive tens of thousands out of business. This would leave big corporate farms to fill the void. FSMA would drive up the cost of producing organically grown foods, and among those that survive this onslaught of new regulations, the increased costs would be passed on to consumers.

These regulations, with their repetitive testing and record keeping requirements, could easily add $20,000 per year to the cost of managing a small farming operation. In my comments I stated why I thought FSMA was unconstitutional as written, and stated that as a consumer, I reserved my right to file a complaint in Federal Court to have all or part of this Act declared unconstitutional. You can read my comments here. Note: the Farm and freedom Alliance reported today (Nov 16th) that the FDA has extended the comment period until Nov 22nd.

Oct 12th -Millions March Worldwide Against Monsanto's GMO toxic seed monopoly. Protests occurred in more than 300 US cities and 50 countries. On top is a photo of a mass demonstration at St Louis, MO, the world headquarters for Monsanto. The photo on the left is of children from Salem OR. For dozens more photos of this past weekend, go to facebook. The next worldwide demonstration against Monsanto's seeds of deception is set for May 24, 2014.

Nov 13th, 2013 - I-522 the GMO labeling initiative in Washington State has been narrowly defeated (about 52% nays to 48% yays). Going forward, both side eye a national battle over GMO labeling laws. Read the latest report at the Organic Consumers Association

June 24, 2013. The second quarterly report of the Journal of Immunity Vol 11, No 2 is being mailed out this week. The lead story is about the eight scientists (Seralini et al) who answered their critics on why there is a long-term toxicity due to Monsanto's Roundup tolerant GMO corn. The scientists addressed more than 30 specific criticisms directed at their September 19, 2012 article in Food and Chemical Toxicology Journal. A word about publishers fees that restricts access to scientific research. America's contaminated meat supply contains antibiotics, Bt pesticide and herbicides from GMO corn. How pesticides and herbicides get recyled in our food supply. Seralini et al found the kidneys the most damaged organ with the pituitary gland a close second in their 24 month experiments on rats- the consequences of damage to the pituitary gland cause a cascade of endocrinological health conditions and illness. Does POEA turn Monsanto's herbicide into Roundup on steroids? Herbicides inhibit the liver detoxification pathway known at P450. How both herbicides and antibiotics damage and kill off intestinal flora. Monsanto's "Corn on the Cob" now comes with the Bt pesticide and Roundup herbicide to the unsuspecting public. Where to buy heirloom seeds. "The Virgin Diet" by JJ Virgin eliminates food sensitivities and GMO foods to reverse obesity, aching joints, brain fog, fatigue, insomnia and autoimmune conditions.

Aug 30, 2013. CNN reports that the leaking nuclear power plants at Fukishima may be worse than anyone thought. Click here for article

Articles and links to other web sites of interest on the whole lemon/olive oil drink for neuropathy, wasting syndrome, liver toxicity and swollen lymph nodes and an article on bio-oxidative excerpted from my book are offered here and includes links to other web sites of interest.

New Freedom of Health Information Act. This article is also found on the Forum

US Food and Drug Administration continues its assault against health freedoms and products. Join the fight for personal health freedom. For more info go to Alliance for Natural Health

Attorney Jonathon Emord and his firm who are experts in FDA and FTC law answer many important questions about FDA procedures and powers. The growing minefield of regulations now imposed on small companies is mind boggling and continues to erode freedom of speech and press. For more info go to Emord Associates

New Video - Hollywood celebrities support the revolt against Monsanto

The Just Label it website has a video featuring celebrities like Michael J. Fox, Julie Bowen, Chevy Chase, Tom Colicchio and many more to hear why we have the right to know what is in our food. To see the video click here. A campaign supporting a referendum on labeling GMO foods is underway in Washington state. It will be on the November ballot. Ronnie Cummins of the Organic Consumers Assn seeks to raise money to fund the campaign to support I-522 - the Washington state GM labeling initiative - to help click here. Join the fight against the poisoning of our food supply by Monsanto and other big Agri corporations by viewing and sharing the Monsanto Video Revolt with your friends, family, facebook and twitter accounts - live July 24, 2013.

August 15 2012. Martha Rosenberg of reports on a scandal within the FDA where managers spied on their own scientists who refused to approve drugs and medical devices that they believed were unsafe. Read the interview with a former FDA drug reviewer - Ronald Kavanagh of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER). Wolf Blitzer of CNN also reported on this story. However, no one at the FDA has been arrested for violating federal laws against illegal wiretapping that violated the privacy rights of the FDA's own scientists and doctors who were asked to evaluate drugs for their safety. Former FDA official speaks out about intimidation, retaliation and the marginalizating of safety of new drugs and devices.

May 25th, 2013 - - The AP reports over 2 million people in 52 countries staged marches against Monsanto GMO seeds, herbicides and practices. For photos around the world, click here

April 23, 2013. The American Academy of Anti-Agng Medicine (A4M) supports healthcare freedoms and the Constitutional rights of physicians and health care practitioners. A4M commends and supports Texans for Patients' and Physicians' Rights and its founder, Steven F. Hotze, MD, in advancing a State Bill (SB 1193) in Texas that bars the Texas Medical Board from accepting anonymous complaints and to guarantee that physicians are given legal due process in such actions. This includes the 6th amendment Constitutional right to know and face one's accusers. This is in contrast to the current practice or allowing secretive and anonymous complaints. Learn more here

May 28th- Mike Adams of Natural News reports Facebook censored photos of children holding signs in the March against Monsanto. Natural News reports several persons have received restriction notices. Facebook: What is abusive is suppressing the truth about how Monsanto's GMO seeds and herbicides are poisoning millions of people including children causing cancer, liver and kidney damage (For a report and photos on the scientific studies go to Journal of Immunity)

Sen. Rand Paul responds to criticism about his vote against a bill to grant states the right to label GMO food products, and why he opposed the proposed law. Note: under the Tenth amendment, the States already have this right.

Rand Paul's website

March 17 2013 - Dr Joseph Mercola reports that aborted fetal cells are now being used to create flavors enhancers for processed foods and soda drinks. What's in your Soda?

Jan 2013 - Memo to President Obama - Forget the Debt Ceiling Limit - Mint those Platinum Coins! The White House's Fax number is 202-456-2461 or write The White House, 1600 Pennsylnvania Ave NW, Washington DC 20500. You can also post this letter and your comments at the

Feb 2013 - Mike Adams exposes a dirty little secret about those bargain "organic foods" from China Click here to learn more

  • Attorney James Corbett obtains an injunction to stop cell phone tower construction in a residential neighborhood
  • A plan to end the war in Iraq