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A revised and updated 3rd edition of the Immune Restoration Handbook by Conrad LeBeau is now co-authored by Dr Ronald Peters MD. It was updated in April 2014. A self-help guide to strengthen, balance and rebuild the immune system. This book contains in 27 chapters some of the most important and relevant information found on this website. The 262 page perfect bound soft cover edition 8.5 x 11 inches laminated cover. $24.95 ea.


For wholesale orders, call 414-231-9817 or order through New Leaf Dist or Nutri Books (303-778-8383) or here.

Note - for an instant download of the Immune Restoration Handbook as a pdf e-file use this link Note: Process your order for the e-file version on the home page separately before returning to this page to order printed copies and other items.

U.S. Constitution - and the Declaration of Independence pocket size -


48 pages $2.00 ea



Imported from San Damiano Italy.

Send 1 bottle of Miraculous Water from the rose garden in San Damiano Italy. Available in a 2 ounce clear glass bottle with instructions on how to use. For more info on Miraculous Water


Miraculous Water in a 2 ounce bottle. $6.00 per bottle.

Miraculous Water in a 2 ounce spray bottle. Donation $7.00 ea

Cloths Blessed by the Virgin Mary at San Damiano Italy. $2 each - Limit 6 Blessed Cloths per order. With prayer and faith, these cloths have special graces and sometimes healing properties attached to their use. Comes with instructions.

Our lady of San Damiano Booklet $2.50 ea

Miraculous Lady of the Roses blue book large (5 x 8) $2.50 each

"Pieta Prayer" book - regular size print. $2.50 each.

Pieta Prayer Book - large print size. $4.50 each

Send me printed copies of your quarterly report (Journal of Immunity) for 1 year $20


Send a donation to Keep Hope Alive to help us continue our research and mission. All donations are tax deductible


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Thank you for your support. Conrad LeBeau


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Today Feb... 1st, 2016, one of her daughters of Lauri Tiziana, Amandine Confignal, has set up a website (garden of roses) for shipping the Miraculous Water to anyone in any country - worldwide. Orders are payable in Euros by email through paypal and may be placed through the hortus-rosarum website. A price list may be obtained by an email sent to Blessed cloths are also available now and later this year, possibly rose petals and other spiritual objects. The new website is set up in Wordpress format.